What are the opposite words for neglectful?

Neglectful is an adjective that describes someone who fails to give proper attention or care. The antonyms to the word neglectful are mindful, attentive, considerate, diligent, meticulous, punctilious, fastidious, conscientious, meticulous, and thorough. Mindful is when someone is present and aware of what they are doing, resulting in careful and thoughtful actions. Attentive is when someone is focused on what is happening and is actively engaged. Considerate is when someone is thoughtful of others with their preparations or actions. Diligent is when someone is hardworking and persistent in their efforts. Meticulous is when someone is attentive to detail and precise in their work. Punctilious is someone who is extremely careful about every detail. Fastidious is when someone is very careful and particular about cleanliness or tidiness.

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