What is the opposite of Pooped?

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[ p_ˈuː_p_t], [ pˈuːpt], [ pˈuːpt]

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Usage examples of Pooped:

  1. Meanwhile the gale was steadily growing fiercer, and the sea rising higher and becoming more dangerous with every mile that we traversed in our blind, headlong flight before it; and it appeared to me that the option whether I should continue the pursuit of the stranger would soon be taken from me by the imperative necessity to heave- to if I would avoid the almost momentarily increasing danger of the schooner being pooped when a piercing cry of " Breakers ahead?" "The Log of a Privateersman", Harry Collingwood.
  2. Her improvements gave her a sense of adventurous satisfaction- her house with its yellow window frames and doors, with its new curtains of swaggering design- her high- pooped waggons- the coat with the brass buttons that old Stuppeny wore when he drove behind her to market- her dreams of giant sheep upon her innings- all appealed to something fundamental in her which was big and boastful. "Joanna Godden", Sheila Kaye-Smith.
  3. What bales of wondrous Dutch lace and furniture and goodies were unloaded from the old high- pooped sailing ships, and what frills and flounces fluttered in this same tradewind, what time the master's daughter set forth upon her first visit to the Netherlands! "Jungle Peace", William Beebe.

Rhymes for Pooped:

  1. grouped, duped, whooped, stooped, drooped, looped, swooped;
  2. recouped;

Idioms of Pooped:

  1. pooped ( out);