What are the opposite words for well being?

Antonyms for "well-being" include various forms of adversity, discomfort, and distress. Some of the words that oppose well-being include malaise, discomfort, illness, injury, pain, sadness, distress, anxiety, depression, and hardship. Malaise represents a general feeling of uneasiness or weakness, which often results from physical or emotional problems. Discomfort can refer to various physical or psychological sensations that cause pain or inconvenience, such as cramps, headaches, or anxiety. Illness is an antonym of well-being because it relates to a physical or mental condition that impairs one's health or functioning. Injury refers to a bodily harm caused by accidents or external factors, while pain implies a sensation of discomfort or suffering. Sadness, distress, and anxiety denote negative emotions, which often arise from personal or social factors.

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