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Ants are small, six-legged insects found all over the world. Synonyms for ants include Formica, Myrmica, and Solenopsis, which are different types of ants with unique features and behaviors. Other synonyms for ants include pismires, emmets, and marabunta, which are typically used in literature and poetry. Fire ants, also known as red ants, thief ants, and carpenter ants are other types of ants with different appearances and behaviors. Some of the synonyms for ants are colloquial, such as "bugs," "crawlers," and "creepers," which are often used in informal conversations. Overall, there are plenty of synonyms for ants, each with their unique characteristics and features.

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Ants are one of the most ubiquitous insects on Earth. They are helpful in the ecosystem by clearing away larger pests. They group together in colonies, and can have complex societies.

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