What is another word for ants pants?

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[ ˈants pˈants], [ ˈants pˈants], [ ˈa_n_t_s p_ˈa_n_t_s]

Semantically related words: ant's pants lyrics, ants egg on pantry, armadillo's pants

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    Synonyms for Ants pants:

    How to use "Ants pants" in context?

    "Oh no! There's ants in my pants!" This is a familiar tune that children may be singing when they realize they've brought ants home with them from playing outside. Ants can be a nuisance, especially when they invade spaces they're not supposed to. Unfortunately, most people don't know how to get rid of ants.

    Ants are attracted to articles of food that are exposed, whether that be a slice of bread or a piece of pie left out on the counter. Once they've found food, ants will start recruiting other ants to move forward with their plan and carry the food back to the nest.

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