What is another word for apostate?

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The word "apostate" refers to someone who has abandoned their religious or political beliefs. There are various synonyms for this word, including "renegade," "traitor," "defector," "turncoat," and "backslider." The term "renegade" emphasizes the act of rebellion against authority, while "traitor" underscores the betrayal of loyalty. "Defector" specifically refers to those who defect from their country or political group, while "turncoat" points to someone who has switched sides. "Backslider" implies a lack of commitment to a chosen path or ideology. In essence, these synonyms describe someone who has turned their back on their previous beliefs, and whose actions may result in negative consequences.

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    The word "apostate" is derived from the Greek word "apostolos", meaning "one who has been set apart", "one who is sent". In religious language, an apostate is someone who renounces their faith in God or in a religious denomination. In more general terms, an apostate is someone who leaves a group, institution, or lifestyle, often due to disillusionment or disagreement with its principles.

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