What is another word for aqua?

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The word "aqua" meaning water or a pale blue-green color, has several synonyms. "Water" itself is a synonym as well as "H2O," the chemical formula for water. Other synonyms includes "liquid," "drink," "moisture," and "juice." For a more specific context, "sea" can be used to refer to saltwater, while "river" and "stream" can be used to describe freshwater sources. "Azure" and "turquoise" are synonyms that describe the blue-green color of water. In the beauty industry, the word "aquamarine" is often used as a synonym for "aqua" to describe a light blue-green shade. With so many synonyms, it's clear that the concept of "aqua" is an integral part of language and human understanding of the world.

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    Water is essential for life, both in its liquid and gaseous forms. It is indispensable for drinking, cleaning, manufacturing, and agriculture. Approximately 1.3 quadrillion gallons of water flow through American wastewater treatment plants every day.

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