What is another word for arbitrariness?

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Arbitrariness refers to the quality of being arbitrary, which means lacking a clear and reasonable basis. Other synonyms for arbitrariness include capriciousness, randomness, whimsicality, haphazardness, and chance. These words describe situations that are determined by chance or personal whim rather than by logic or reason. Capriciousness refers to unpredictable behaviour or sudden changes in attitude or direction. Randomness suggests a lack of order or predictability, while whimsicality implies a sense of fanciful or playful unpredictability. Haphazardness indicates a lack of planning or direction, while chance suggests events determined by luck. Whatever word you choose to use, each highlights the unpredictable and irrational nature of arbitrariness.

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Arbitrariness is defined as an action or decision which is not based on reason or fair play. Arbitrariness often leads to inequity and discrimination because it is not based on objective criteria. Arbitrariness can be found in many aspects of life, including governmental decisions, legal rulings, and everyday choices. Arbitrariness can create unfairness and injustice, and can often beUndue.Arbitrariness can be a challenge to overcome, as it can be hard to determine when decisions are based on reason and fairness, and when they are based on arbitrary factors.

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