What is another word for archeological site?

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Archaeological sites are areas that contain the remains of human civilization from the past. Synonyms for archaeological site include historical site, heritage site, ancient site, cultural site, antiquities site, and prehistoric site. Historical sites refer to places that hold significant importance in history, and the heritage site refers to areas that have cultural significance or ancient relics. The terms antiquities site and prehistoric site both refer to locations containing relics and artifacts from earlier periods of civilization. Finally, cultural sites refer to locations that hold important cultural significance for a particular community or ethnic group. All of these terms encompass the idea of an archaeological site but provide a unique nuance to describe a specific type of historical location.

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    How to use "Archeological site" in context?

    The archaeological site of Etzioni was discovered in 1957 by an Israeli team of surveyors while working in the Jezreel Valley. The site, which is located on the slopes of a rocky hill in the territory of the town of Beit Shean, is one of the most important and well-preserved archeological sites in the area.

    The site contains a variety of archeological remains, including an Aramaic inscription that was discovered in 1974. The inscription is a fragmentary reference to a prince and a kingdom. The inscription is thought to date back to the late Second Temple period.

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