What is another word for archipelago?

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An archipelago is a group of islands that are scattered across a large body of water. The word is often used to describe a cluster of islands that form a chain or a cluster of closely grouped islands. Synonyms for the word archipelago include island group, island chain, island cluster, archipelagic, island arc and island range. Some other related words that can be used in place of archipelago include group of isles, atoll, islet, cay, isle and skerry. These words all describe collections of islands that are located in the ocean, and each has its unique nuances and connotations.

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    An archipelago is a chain or cluster of islands. The word comes from the Italian archipelago, which is derived from the Greek archipelago, meaning a collection of islands. The Greek word was borrowed from the Kephas (Cephalonia) dialect of the ancient Ionian people of eastern Greece. There are an estimated 7,000 islands in the world and over 6,000 of these are in the Mediterranean Sea.

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