What is another word for armored car?

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An armored car is a highly protective vehicle that is utilized for transportation of goods or individuals. There are a variety of synonyms for the term "armored car," and these terms relate to the level of protection each variant offers. Some common synonyms include armored truck, cash truck, armored van, cash-in-transit vehicle, heavy transport, and secure transport. Armored trucks and vans usually have extensive ballistic protection and are designed to withstand explosions, while cash truck and cash-in-transit vehicles are designed solely for cash transportation. On the other hand, heavy transport and secure transport can be used to transport goods and people securely. Whatever term is used, all these vehicles are designed with the sole purpose of keeping people and valuables safe.

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How to use "Armored car" in context?

When people think of armored cars, they often think of police vehicles or spacecraft. But armored cars can also be used for retail or transportation purposes. Armored cars protect their occupants from gunfire, explosive devices, and other forms of attack. Armored cars can also be designed to withstand impacts and accidents.

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