What is another word for arrhythmic?

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[ ɐrhˈɪθmɪk], [ ɐrhˈɪθmɪk], [ ɐ_r_h_ˈɪ_θ_m_ɪ_k]

Arrhythmic is a term used to describe a lack of regularity or rhythm. There are several synonyms for the word arrhythmic, including irregular, unpredictable, sporadic, and erratic. Irregular implies a lack of consistency, whereas unpredictable suggests a lack of order or pattern. Sporadic means occurring at irregular intervals, and erratic suggests a lack of stability or predictability. Other possible synonyms include disorganized, disorderly, and chaotic. When used in a medical context, arrhythmic typically refers to an irregular heartbeat, and synonyms might include irregular pulse, abnormal heart rhythm, or heart arrhythmia. Regardless of the context, however, these synonyms all describe a lack of regularity or predictability.

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    Arrhythmic is a term used to describe a heart that doesn't beat in a normal or consistent pattern. There are many possible causes for an arrhythmic heart, and most people with an arrhythmia don't have any known health problems.

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