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Arsenic is a highly toxic, odorless, and tasteless chemical element that is widely known for its lethal properties. Synonyms for arsenic include poison, toxin, deadly substance, carcinogen, killer, and venom. This element has been used in various industries, such as agriculture, mining, and pharmaceuticals, for many years, but it has been found to pose harmful effects on human health and the environment. Arsenic exposure can cause chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, and skin lesions. As such, it is essential to identify the various synonyms of arsenic to increase the awareness about its toxic nature and promote the adoption of safe practices that limit its use and exposure.

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Arsenic is a heavy, metallic element that has various important uses such as in manufacturing, agriculture, and mining. Arsenic can also be found in various natural environments including rocks, water, and soil. It is widely distributed in the Earth's crust and is also found in some meteorites. When arsenic is absorbed into the skin, it can cause cancer.

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