What is another word for art gallery?

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An art gallery is a space where people can appreciate and buy different forms of artwork. However, there are several synonyms or alternative names that can be used in place of art gallery. One of the most common is "art museum", which may be used to refer to larger and more formal spaces that showcase classic or modern art pieces. Further, "exhibition space" and "art showroom" are synonyms that can also be used to describe spaces where art is displayed for public viewing and purchase. Alternative names may include "art center", "art studio" and "artistic hub", depending on the specific activities and events available there.

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An art gallery is a building or space where art is exhibited. galleries are typically owned by museums, government authorities, or private individuals, and are used to house paintings, sculpture, prints, or photographs. The phrase "art gallery" can also refer to the collection of art, and especially to the works of a single artist or group of artists. A gallery's contents can range from fine art to photographs.

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