What is another word for astatine?

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Astatine is a chemical element with the symbol At and its atomic number is 85. It is a radioactive rare earth metal that belongs to the halogen group of elements. Astatine has a number of synonyms that include the Greek word astatos, meaning "unstable" or "undecidable". Some other synonyms for astatine include actinide F, nettunium K, actinium K, and actinide E. Moreover, astatine is often referred to as a rare-earth metal, which means that it is a naturally occurring element that is found in very small amounts on earth. Despite its scarcity, astatine has numerous applications in medical research, nuclear chemistry, and other industries.

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Astatine is a radioactive chemical element with the symbol At and atomic number 97. Identified in 1869, it is one of the rarest Elements on Earth and has only been found in a few places. Astatine is a member of the alkali metals and stainless steels and is slightly soluble in water.

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