What is another word for aster?

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Aster is a term that is usually associated with the group of flowering plants. Astor is related to several other synonyms in the English dictionary, including Starwort, Star flower, and Michaelmas Daisy. The flowering plant belongs to the daisy family, and it is native to North America. It is characterized by the presence of sprays of small daisy-like flowers in diverse colors, including white, purple, and pink. Astors are popular for their ability to add color to gardens and landscapes in the late summer months. Besides, it is used in medicinal purposes for conditions such as pulmonary diseases and fevers.

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The aster is a small, white, double star. It has the name from the ancient Greeks, who first identified it as a little star. The aster is the smallest and faintest star in the sky. Most aster stars can only be seen with a small telescope.

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