What is another word for asti spumante?

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[ ɐstˈi spjuːmˈɑːnte͡ɪ], [ ɐstˈi spjuːmˈɑːnte‍ɪ], [ ɐ_s_t_ˈi s_p_j_uː_m_ˈɑː_n_t_eɪ]

Asti Spumante is a popular Italian sparkling wine made from the Muscat grape. It is known for its sweetness and floral characteristics. If you are looking for synonyms for this popular wine, there are many options to choose from. Some popular synonyms include Moscato d'Asti, Asti, and Asti Dolce. Other synonyms may include Sweet Sparkling Wine, Italian Sparkling Wine, and Sparkling Muscat. Some may also refer to it as a dessert wine or a sweet white wine. Regardless of what you call it, Asti Spumante is a delicious and refreshing wine that pairs well with a variety of foods and occasions.

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How to use "Asti spumante" in context?

For most people, sparkling wine is a refreshing way to end a meal. But for those who enjoy a taste of Italy, sparkling wine is an asti spumante. Asti is a small town in Italy's Piedmont region and is known for its sparkling wine. Asti spumante is a subclass of sparkling wine made from a blend of different grape types.

Asti spumante is dry and has a very high acidity. This makes it a great wine to drink young, since it will still have a lot of flavor. It is also full of fruity notes and is perfect for pairing with food.

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