What is another word for at odds?

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"At odds" is a phrase that means to be in a state of disagreement or conflict with someone or something. However, there are many other synonyms to use instead of this phrase. One of the synonyms is "at loggerheads," which suggests a more intense disagreement. Another synonym is "in opposition," which describes a disagreement between two parties or opposing views. "Contrary" is another word which means to be opposite in nature or character and suggests a more passive disagreement. Other synonyms include "conflicting," "disagreeing," and "divergent," which all have similar meanings and convey a sense of disagreement or conflict. When writing, it's important to choose the best synonym to accurately convey the intended meaning.

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    How to use "At odds" in context?

    The phrase "at odds" has a variety of meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In law, for example, an agreement is said to be at odds with the terms of a contract if one of the terms of the contract would nullify or invalidate the other. In the context of family relationships, an arrangement or relationship is said to be at odds with the norms or expectations of a nuclear family when it is different from what is typically seen in a family.

    The phrase can also be used to describe a situation where two things are not compatible.

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