What is another word for athwart?

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[ ˈaθwɔːt], [ ˈaθwɔːt], [ ˈa_θ_w_ɔː_t]

Athwart is a word that is not commonly used in everyday language. It means something that is obliquely across or in opposition to something else. A few synonyms for the word athwart include askew, crosswise, oblique, and diagonal. These words all indicate a sense of deviation from the norm or a perpendicular direction. Other synonyms for athwart include sideways, slanted, and skew. These words convey the idea of something being off-kilter or askew and not quite lining up with what is expected. Overall, there are several synonyms for athwart that can be used to paint a vivid picture of something not quite matching up or being out of line.

Synonyms for Athwart:

How to use "Athwart" in context?

An athwart is a word typically used in aviation or sailing to indicate a crossing in the direction of travel of an aeroplane or ship. It is also a word used in carpentry to indicate a nailed across member of a timber frame.

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