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Aunts are family members that are often beloved for their unique personalities and special relationships with their nieces and nephews. There are many synonyms for the word aunt, including the terms "auntie," "aunty," "auntie dearest," and "auntie bear." Other common synonyms for aunt include "auntee," "auntee dearest," and "auntie pie." More formal words for aunt may include "aunt-in-law," "maternal aunt," or "paternal aunt." No matter what you call your aunt, they are sure to appreciate the love and affection that comes with each term of endearment.

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How to use "Aunt" in context?

Aunt is a term of endearment generally bestowed upon a woman who is more closely related to a person than a sister. In English, the word aunt is derived from the Old French word antre, meaning "cavern." The Latin word for "aunt" is avuncula.

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