What is another word for authoress?

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[ ˈɔːθɔːs], [ ˈɔːθɔːs], [ ˈɔː_θ_ɔː_s]

The term "authoress" is considered outdated and sexist in modern times. Instead, we can use gender-neutral alternatives like "author," "writer," or "novelist." Other synonyms for "authoress" include "scribe," "penwoman," "wordslinger," and "wordsmith." In addition, there are many specific terms used to describe writers of certain genres such as "poet," "playwright," "journalist," "biographer," "historian," and "essayist." It is important to choose our words carefully and thoughtfully to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes and to promote inclusivity and gender equality.

Synonyms for Authoress:

How to use "Authoress" in context?

Every writer has a unique story to tell. Some people call these stories books; others call them essays. The authoress is the archetype of this author, someone who has written a book or written many essays.

Authoresses come in all shapes and sizes. They can be women, men, young, or old. They can be educated or uneducated. They can be city folk or country folk.

What unites them is the desire to communicate their stories to the world.

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