What is another word for avifauna?

Pronunciation: [ˈavɪfˌɔːnə] (IPA)

Avifauna refers to a group of birds found within a particular region, ecosystem, or time period. Although 'avifauna' is commonly used, many other words can be used to describe this group of birds. Some synonyms for Avifauna include birdlife, bird population, avian assemblage, feathered fauna, and bird group. Other terms that may be used to describe a specific avifauna group might include ornithofauna, which emphasizes the birds' taxonomical classification or a region-specific term like neotropical birds, which refers to birds native to Central and South America. Whatever the term used, they all convey the same idea of a group of birds that share a common environment or habitat.

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Usage examples for Avifauna

Writing on the avifauna of Mt.
"The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Volume 1"
Allan O. Hume
It considers the hundreds of specimens collected by the author and his associates during many months of field work, provides a synthesis of all the information available to 1955, and is the basic reference to the avifauna of the area.
"Summer Birds From the Yucatan Peninsula"
Erwin E. Klaas
The avifauna of the scrub-oak underbrush and of the white oak and pitch-pine trees overhead was as distinct as that of a new continent.
"Old Plymouth Trails"
Winthrop Packard

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