What is another word for aways?

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The word "aways" is commonly used to refer to a distance or direction of travel. Its synonyms include "far away," "distant," "remote," "far off," and "out of reach." These words are often used to describe a physical location that is far from the speaker or their current position. Other synonyms for "aways" include "always," "constantly," "continuously," and "perpetually." These words are often used to describe a persistent or ongoing state, such as being in a relationship or performing a task. Overall, the synonyms for "aways" offer a range of descriptions for distance, direction, and continuity, lending themselves to a variety of contexts and applications.

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How to use "Aways" in context?

Away is a word that can be defined in a million ways. For some, it could be a place that they spend their weekends away from their families. For others, it could be the place where they work and spend their commute. Regardless of the definition, an away is a place that is separate from normal life. It is a place where people can let loose and have fun. Some people even see away as a second home. Either way, away is a special place that deserves its own special word.

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