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Ayatollah is an Arabic term that refers to a senior Shia cleric who has achieved the highest level of expertise in Islamic studies and jurisprudence. The word Ayatollah is commonly used in Iran, but there are several synonyms that are used in other countries. In Iraq, the term Marja al-Taqlid is popularly used, meaning "source of emulation." In Lebanon, the term Hakim is used, which means "wise man". The term Faqih is used in Saudi Arabia, meaning "jurist." In Pakistan, the term Mujtahid is used, which means "the one who strives to interpret Islamic law." These synonyms refer to the same level of expertise in Islamic studies and are used interchangeably in different countries.

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How to use "Ayatollah" in context?

In its simplest form, an ayatollah is someone who is learned in Islamic law. They are often consulted by Muslims for religious guidance. An ayatollah can also be a religious leader in their own right.

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