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The word "azotic" is rarely used in modern English and has been largely replaced by its more common synonym, "nitrogenous." Other synonyms for azotic include "nitric," "nitrated," and "nitrogenous." The term derives its meaning from the element nitrogen, which is found in many organic compounds vital to plant and animal growth. Nitrogenous compounds also play a crucial role in the nitrogen cycle, which is essential for maintaining the balance of nutrients in many ecosystems. While the word azotic may not be widely used, its synonyms are widely used in a variety of technical and scientific fields, from agricultural research to environmental science.

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    Azotic chemistry is the chemistry of molecules with an azote atom as the central atom. Azotiates have the chemical symbol N and typically exhibit greater reactivity than other nitrogen-containing molecules. Particularly nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ), ozone (O 3 ), nitrogen trioxide (N 3 O 8 ), and nitrogen tetroxide (N 4 O 10 ) are common azotic molecules.

    The Ames test is a widely used qualitative assay for detecting the presence of azotic molecules. The test measures the ability of a sample to inhibit the growing of blackansky mold.

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