What is another word for bacillar?

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[ bˈasɪlə], [ bˈasɪlə], [ b_ˈa_s_ɪ_l_ə]

Bacillar is an adjective that refers to something pertaining to or resembling a bacillus or a rod-shaped bacterium. Some of the synonyms for bacillar include rod-shaped, cylindrical, elongated, thin, slender, and straight. These synonyms are used to describe objects or organisms that have a similar shape or form as a bacillus. For example, rod-shaped bacteria or viruses can be described as bacillar. The word "bacillar" can also be used to describe the visual appearance of materials like crystals or fibers that are elongated or rectangular. In summary, the word "bacillar" is used to describe objects or organisms with a shape that closely resembles a rod or a bacillus.

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    How to use "Bacillar" in context?

    1. bacillars are simple, single-celled creatures that are ubiquitous in nature. They can be found in soil, water, and even the air. Bacillars are also one of the simplest forms of life on earth, and play an important role in the ecosystem by feeding on bacteria and other small organisms.

    2. Bacillars are tiny, but they can be quite durable. They can survive in tough environments, and they can move quickly. Bacillars can also transmit bacteria and other diseases.

    3. Bacillars are important components of the food web.

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