What is another word for Backhander?

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Backhander, a term typically used for a bribe, can be substituted with a plethora of synonyms that describe the act of being corrupt or underhanded. Some of the most common synonyms include kickback, hush money, payoff, graft, baksheesh, and sweetener. These words imply that someone has exchanged money or a favor for a desired outcome, typically in a dishonest manner. Other related terms used in this context are embezzlement, corruption, and blackmail. The use of backhander or any of its synonyms is unethical and can lead to serious legal and moral consequences. It is important to avoid any such actions and maintain transparency and honesty in all dealings.

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    When a player uses a backhanded delivery, the ball is thrown off of their throwing shoulder, rather than their front shoulder. This delivery can cause the ball to move in a more unpredictable manner, which can make it harder for the opponent to hit. Backhanders are also less predictable than fronthanders, which can lead to more errors by the opposing team.

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