What is another word for bad-mannered?

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The term "bad-mannered" refers to someone who behaves rudely or impolitely. There are several synonyms for this term that describe similar behavior, such as "discourteous," "impolite," "inconsiderate," "uncivil," and "rude." Each of these words highlights a different aspect of bad behavior, such as a lack of respect, failure to observe social norms, or disregarding the feelings of others. Other synonyms for bad-mannered include "ill-bred," "ill-mannered," "crass," and "boorish." No matter which term is chosen, they all paint a picture of a person who doesn't care about the impact their behavior has on those around them.

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    Though it is not condoned by society, there are people who are considered to be "bad-mannered" individuals. These individuals are often characterized by their unwillingness to conform to social norms and their disregard for common courtesy. Though it may seem like these individuals are difficult to get along with, they often have several redeeming qualities. For example, they may be intelligent or creative individuals who have strong opinions.

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