What is another word for badly dressed?

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[ bˈadli dɹˈɛst], [ bˈadli dɹˈɛst], [ b_ˈa_d_l_i d_ɹ_ˈɛ_s_t]

When it comes to describing someone who is badly dressed, there are many different synonyms that can be used to express this idea. Some common options include poorly dressed, shabbily dressed, sloppily dressed, unkempt, scruffy, disheveled, and frumpy. Each of these words conveys a slightly different nuance, from simply looking untidy to appearing outdated or unfashionable. Other more colloquial terms include being a slob, a mess, or a fashion disaster. Regardless of the specific word used, the main point is that someone who is badly dressed is not properly presenting themselves, whether they are at work or out in public.

Synonyms for Badly dressed:

How to use "Badly dressed" in context?

In today's society, there is a lot of emphasis on dressing well. This is especially true for women. It's often considered acceptable for women to dress well, regardless of the occasion. However, there are occasions where dressing poorly is acceptable. Here are three examples:

1. If you're going out on a date, it's acceptable to dress down a bit.

2. If you're going to a job interview, you can dress casually.

3. If you're going to a casual party, you can dress in your everyday clothes.

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