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Bagpipes, a well-known musical instrument, have different names across the world. One synonym for bagpipes is Pipes, which is commonly used in Ireland and Scotland. In Spain and Portugal, they are called Gaita, while in France and Italy, they are known as Cornemuse. Germany and Austria refer to them as Dudelsack, and in the Netherlands, they are called Doedelzak. In the Middle East, they are known as Mizmar, and in Eastern Europe, they are called Duda. The bagpipes are a unique instrument with a distinct sound that has been an important part of many cultures for centuries. No matter the name, the bagpipes have a rich history and are still played in many parts of the world.

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Bagpipes, also known as member of the harmonic genus, are wind instruments that are typically played in a marching or parade style. The Bagpipe has a long history, the earliest known reference dating back to the 4th century BC. They are known to have been played in Scotland and Ireland, and were even exported to North America. Historically they have been used as symbols of Scotland, Ireland, and the Scottish Highlands.

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