What is another word for balance of power?

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The "balance of power" is a term used to describe the distribution of strength or influence in a given situation, particularly in a political or social context. Some synonyms for the phrase might include "equilibrium", "parity", or "stability." These words all imply a state of harmony and proportionality, in which no one entity holds too much sway over the others. Another possible synonym for "balance of power" might be "counterbalance," which refers to a force or factor that offsets or neutralizes another, thereby maintaining equilibrium. In essence, any word that connotes a sense of fairness, equality, or proportion could be considered a synonym for "balance of power".

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The balance of power is the principle that states that international relations are influenced by the distribution of power among nations. The phrase is usually attributed to Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, in a speech in 1847. He said: "Power tends to go to the most powerful nation, and to the most powerful group of nations. The weak tend to be ruled by the strong." This is because the strong nation can apply pressure to the weak nation, and the weak nation cannot apply pressure to the strong nation. The balance of power is important because it allows nations to negotiate treaties and resolve disputes without being attacked by the stronger nation.

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