What is another word for Barger?

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[ bˈɑːd͡ʒə], [ bˈɑːd‍ʒə], [ b_ˈɑː_dʒ_ə]

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What is Andreas Barger?

Andreas Barger is a German professional rugby league footballer who currently plays for St. George Illawarra Dragons in the National Rugby League. A versatile backrower, Barger is also able to fill in at hooker and in the second row.

Barger started his career in rugby union playing for Union Lausanne-Sport winning the Challenge Cup in 2009. Interested in adapting to an American style of play, Barger moved to the United States and joined the Tampa Bay Storm in the American National Rugby League for the 2010 season.

Andreas Barger made his debut for the St.

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