What is another word for barouche?

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Barouche, a horse-drawn carriage from the 19th century, was once a fashion statement for European elites. Nevertheless, it is now considered an obsolete mode of transportation. If you're searching for synonyms for this particular term, there are primarily four; these include a landau, a brougham, a coupe, and a victoria. Landau is a close relative of a barouche, it has its roof removable but with an added advantage of folding down entirely. In contrast, a brougham is a closed carriage with four wheels and two seats that are facing each other. A coupe is similar to a brougham but more extensive, with a forward-facing seat for the coachman and two seats at the back for passengers. A victoria is a carriage that has four wheels and is smaller than a brougham.

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    How to use "Barouche" in context?

    A barouche, sometimes called a berline or a carriage, is a type of carriage horse-drawn vehicle, typically a two- or three-wheeled affair with a closed canopy over the passengers.

    The word "barouche" is French for "boy" or "maiden." That is likely because barouches were designed for use by unmarried ladies.

    Barouches are typically made of wood, although metal and occasionally other materials are used. The carriage typically has two or three wheels, and often has a high-peaked roof.

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