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Barred is a term that refers to something that is restricted, prohibited, or prevented from happening. Alternatives to the term include obstructed, blocked, banned, excluded, prohibited and outlawed. To bar something or someone means to prevent it from happening or entering a place. The term is often used in legal contexts where it refers to restraining orders or injunctions, among other things. Synonyms such as blocked, prohibited and outlawed indicate a clear and absolute restriction while barred often suggests a more flexible restriction, such as a temporary obstacle to entry or use. Whatever the context, there are many synonyms for barred that can provide a clear indication of the restrictions in place.

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How to use "Barred" in context?

When we think of animals that are barred, the first thing that might come to mind is a white tiger. In the wild, these big cats are typically found in fragmented populations, and as a result, their range is very restricted.

Barrred animals typically have some form of physical barrier to help them keep separate from other animals. This might be something as simple as a physical fence, or it might be something more elaborate, like a river or a mountain range.

Sometimes, barred animals live in groups, but for the most part, they're fiercely individualistic creatures that prefer to live alone or in small, isolated groups.

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