What is another word for bashfully?

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[ bˈaʃfəlɪ], [ bˈaʃfəlɪ], [ b_ˈa_ʃ_f_ə_l_ɪ]

Bashfully is an adverb that describes someone who is timid, embarrassed, or reluctant. Some synonyms for bashfully include coyly, demurely, shyly, timidly, self-consciously, meekly, reservedly, diffidently, apprehensively, or uneasily. Bashfully implies a sense of discomfort or hesitation, which can be conveyed in many different ways. A person might speak bashfully, avoiding eye contact or speaking in a quiet, halting voice. Alternatively, someone might act bashfully, abstaining from participating in activities or socializing with others. In any case, bashfulness is a common feeling experienced by many people and is often associated with anxiety or insecurity.

How to use "Bashfully" in context?

When we bashfully blush our cheeks turn a delicate pink and we often feel like the center of attention. bashful blushing is definitely an attractive trait and can make anyone feel special. bashful blushing is caused by feelings of embarrassment and is often interpreted as a sign of innocence or shyness. It's a natural response that signals that we are self-conscious and feel embarrassed.

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