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Bastille is primarily known as a French fortress and prison, famous for the July 14, 1789, uprising that sparked the French Revolution. This word, however, has slowly evolved to also mean imprisonment or confinement. In the context of architecture, bastille refers to a turret or tower. A few synonyms for bastille include jail, dungeon, cell, gaol, penitentiary, and confinement. Other terms that indicate a fortress or stronghold are citadel, castle, keep, and stronghold. Bastille also has a figurative meaning, referring to an obstacle or hindrance, for which we can use barrier, hindrance, obstruction, and impediment.

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The French Revolution began on July 14, 1789 with the storming of the bastille. The Bastille was a medieval prison in Paris, and was attacked by a mob because the French dictator, King Louis XVI, was being held there. The Revolution quickly spread across France, and the Bastille became a symbol of the uprising. The Revolution ultimately led to the French Republic, a government founded on the principles of democracy and freedom. The Revolution also abolished slavery and made other important changes, including expanding the right to liberty and equality.

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