What is another word for bathing cap?

Pronunciation: [bˈe͡ɪðɪŋ kˈap] (IPA)

A bathing cap, also known as a swim cap or a swimming hat, is an essential accessory for any swimmer. These caps are designed to protect the hair from chlorine and reduce drag in the water. There are several different types of swim caps available in the market. A latex cap is the most common and affordable choice, followed by silicone and neoprene caps for added durability and warmth. Racing caps are designed to reduce drag and improve performance. Other synonyms for a bathing cap could include a shower cap, a hair cover, and a swimming bonnet. Regardless of the type, a bathing cap is an essential accessory for both recreational and competitive swimmers.

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    • artifact

Famous quotes with Bathing cap

  • When mom found my diaphram, I told her it was a bathing cap for my cat.
    Liz Winston

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