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[ bˈatə͡l ɒv zˈɑːmə], [ bˈatə‍l ɒv zˈɑːmə], [ b_ˈa_t_əl ɒ_v z_ˈɑː_m_ə]

The Battle of Zama was a defining moment in ancient history. It was a conflict that took place near the city of Zama in Africa on October 19, 202 BC between Rome and Carthage. The war was fought with immense ferocity and both sides displayed bravery and courage. The Battle of Zama is also known as the Battle of Tunisia, and synonyms for this tragic event include the Second Punic War, The Battle of Carthage, and The Battle of Scipio. This decisive battle brought an end to the Second Punic War and solidified the power and reach of Rome, while Carthage was crippled and never again posed a serious threat to Roman domination.

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The Battle Of Zama was fought in 202 BC near the ancient city of Zama in present-day Tunisia. It was an unequal conflict between two celebrated Roman armies, the first led by Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus and the second commanded by his son, tribune Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Africanus. The outnumbered Scipio Africanus was able to defeat the numerically superior Cincinnatus.

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