What is another word for baulker?

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[ bˈɔːkə], [ bˈɔːkə], [ b_ˈɔː_k_ə]

Baulker is a term that refers to someone who hesitates or refuses to proceed with something. There are several synonyms for this term, including hesitant, resistant, reluctant, wavering, and indecisive. Other similar words include uncooperative, stubborn, obstinate, timid, and fearful. Each of these terms can describe someone who is unwilling to move forward or make a decision. They may be stuck in their ways or have a fear of change. Recognizing these traits in yourself or others can help you find ways to overcome them and move forward with confidence.

Synonyms for Baulker:

How to use "Baulker" in context?

Baulker, n. a marginal or useless person.

1. One who hangs around the fringes, preferring not to commit fully to either group; someone who is not completely loyal.

2. Someone who frequents the seedy side of town; a troublesome or violent person.

3. One who drools or is overly interested in every detail of whatever they are looking at.

4. A slacker, generally someone who doesn't work or study hard enough.

5. A poor or unsophisticated person.

6. One who is difficult to deal with, often giving others headaches.

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