What is another word for beastlier?

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Beastlier is an adjective that describes something extremely unpleasant, offensive, or brutal. Some synonyms for the word beastlier include savage, feral, vicious, cruel, brutal, and ferocious. These words all connote a sense of violence or aggression, and are often used to describe dangerous animals or people. Other possible synonyms for beastlier might include monstrous, bestial, barbaric, or inhumane. Overall, the word beastlier is a strong and evocative term, and the synonyms that can be used in its place convey a similar sense of danger and brutality.

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How to use "Beastlier" in context?

If there is one word that best describes beastlier, it would have to be ferocious. The band brings an intense energy to their live show, churning out heavy and hard-rocking songs that leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Their debut album, Beastlier, is full of tracks that will have listeners headbanging and moshing their way through the music. Beastlier hail from Los Angeles and their music is infused with the city's grunge and punk rock sensibility.

Lead singer, John DeMarco, gives off an intense and powerful performance, his commanding vocals driving the band's sound forward.

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