What is another word for beat generation?

Pronunciation: [bˈiːt d͡ʒˌɛnəɹˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

The Beat Generation is a term that refers to the group of writers, poets, and thinkers who emerged in the 1950s and challenged traditional social norms through their work. This movement was characterized by its rejection of materialism, conformity, and mainstream culture. Synonyms for the Beat Generation include the Beatniks, the Beat poets, and the New Bohemians. These terms capture the subversive, non-conformist nature of the movement and its emphasis on individualism and creative expression. The Beats were known for their experimental literary style, use of non-traditional language, and focus on exploring the human experience. Their influence on American culture can still be felt today, particularly in the realm of literature and music.

What are the hypernyms for Beat generation?

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Famous quotes with Beat generation

  • 'You know, this is really a beat generation' and he leapt up and said 'That's it, that's right!'
    Jack Kerouac
  • Everything is going to the beat — It's the beat generation
    Jack Kerouac

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