What is another word for beat the drum?

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"Beat the drum" is a common phrase that means to promote or advertise something aggressively. In order to avoid repetition, there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably with the phrase. One of the most popular alternatives is "tout", which means to publicize or promote something in an enthusiastic or persistent manner. Other synonyms for "beat the drum" include "hype", "advertise", "promote", "market", "boost", "publicize", and "sell". Using synonyms can enhance writing, as it provides the author with a broader vocabulary to express their ideas and create a more interesting and engaging text.

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How to use "Beat the drum" in context?

To anyone who has ever taken time to listen to any type of music, they know that beating the drums is an essential part of the process. Drummers and percussionists use their drums to create rhythm and melody, which helps create the backbone of any song. When a song is playing, it is the drummer's job to keep time and rhythm by beating their drums in time with the song's melody. This is an essential part of musicianship and can be learned relatively easily. Anyone, regardless of age or skill level, can learn to beat the drums. To start, all you need is a set of drums, some beaters, and some rhythm.

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