What is another word for beatify?

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Beatify is a verb that means to make someone happy, joyful, or full of bliss. There are many synonyms for beatify that can help you express yourself in different ways. To begin with, you could use the word "enchant" which means to attract and delight someone strongly. Another synonym is "exalt" which means to place someone on a high level of respect and admiration. The word "elevate" is also a great synonym which means to lift someone's spirit or mood up. Additional synonyms for beatify include "glorify", "bless", "praise", "applaud", and "commend". These words can help you convey your message effectively, whether it's in writing or speech.

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How to use "Beatify" in context?

The act of beatification is the process of declaring someone a saint. It can be used to recognize individuals who have led exemplary lives and shown exceptional virtues. Once a person has been beatified, they may be referred to as a saint.

Beatification is not a simple process. First, the person must be canonized, which is the formal recognition of their sainthood by the Catholic Church. Canonization requires the approval of the pope, which is only granted after a careful investigation into the person's life and teachings. After canonization, the person's remains can be placed in a shrine and venerated by the faithful.

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