What is another word for beau ideal?

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[ bˈə͡ʊ a͡ɪdˈi͡əl], [ bˈə‍ʊ a‍ɪdˈi‍əl], [ b_ˈəʊ aɪ_d_ˈiə_l]

Synonyms for Beau ideal:

How to use "Beau ideal" in context?

When most people think about the "beau ideal," they imagine a tall, muscular, blond man with a nice smile and a great sense of humor. But what does the "beau ideal" actually look like? Some might say that it doesn't require looks at all - that the perfect Beau is one who is kind, understanding, and selfless. Others might say that the Beau Ideal is a bit more complicated than that - that it is somebody who is both handsome and smart, charming and sensible, and experienced and knowledgeable. Ultimately, the Beau Ideal is somebody who is everything that we could hope for and more.

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