What is another word for bedevil?

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Bedevil is a verb that means to cause serious and persistent problems or difficulties for someone or something. Some synonyms for the word bedevil are torment, plague, distress, harass, afflict, worry, trouble, persecute, pester, oppress, and vex. These words convey the idea of a persistent and troubling annoyance, causing a person or situation to suffer. Other synonyms for bedevil include hound, badger, and bother, which suggest a persistent and irritating presence. The word bedevil can be used in a variety of contexts, such as personal relationships, work environments, and natural disasters, where difficulties and challenges persist over time.

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How to use "Bedevil" in context?

Bedevil often means to bother or distress persistently. It is derived from the Middle English bedeavlen, meaning to trouble or distress. Bedevil may also refer to a harmful or destructive activity that distracts from pursuits that are more important.

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