What is another word for bedight?

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Bedight is a word that is not commonly used, but it has various synonyms that could be used in its place. Some of these include adorned, decorated, embellished, outfitted, dressed, and arrayed. When you want to describe something that is full of decorations or accessories, you can say it is bedight. This word can also represent something that is overlaid or covered with a particular material. If you come across bedight in a sentence and cannot figure out what it means, try substituting with these synonyms to better understand the context. These words convey the same message but in a language that is easier to understand.

Synonyms for Bedight:

How to use "Bedight" in context?

The word "bedight" is derived from the Old French "bedier" which means "to adorn or make bright." The phrase "bedight in the morning" means "bright and ready for the day." Bedight can also refer to a person who is fully dressed and ready for the day.

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