What is another word for bedmates?

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[ bˈɛdme͡ɪts], [ bˈɛdme‍ɪts], [ b_ˈɛ_d_m_eɪ_t_s]

There are several alternative options to "bedmates" that one can utilize depending on the context. "Bed companions" is a common synonym that is often used to describe individuals who share a bed. Another option is "sleep partners," which is especially relevant in the case of people who co-sleep. Similarly, "sleep buddies" can also be used in a more informal or playful context. Finally, in the context of intimate relationships, the term "bedfellows" is often used to describe individuals who share a bed and are also romantically involved with each other. Ultimately, the word chosen will depend on the tone and context in which it is used.

Synonyms for Bedmates:

How to use "Bedmates" in context?

There is something special about having a bedmate, whether it be a significant other, a best friend, or simply a companion for a few hours in the night. shared sleeping space can be a comfort, allowing for deeper sleep and less disruptions from noise or movement. bedmates can also provide a level of intimacy most people only find in relationships or sexual encounters. Whether it's cuddling before sleep, sharing stories during the night, or simply laying there in silence, sharing a bed with somebody else can be an incredibly intimate experience.

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