What is another word for beefeater?

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Beefeater is a term commonly used to refer to the ceremonial guards of the Tower of London. However, the word also has synonyms that refer to similar roles or positions. One example is Yeoman Warder, which is the official title given to the beefeaters of the Tower of London. Another synonym is guard, which refers to any person or group of people tasked with protecting a particular place or individual. Other possible synonyms for beefeater include sentinel, watchman, and sentry. These words all convey the sense of vigilant protection and duty. As such, they can all be used interchangeably with the term beefeater to describe guards or protectors of various types and contexts.

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Beginning in the 18th century, Charles II of England commissioned the first ever batch of beefeater gin. Named after the Beefeater birds employed by the British Royal Navy, this spirit quickly became synonymous with quality. The unparalleled juniper flavor and aroma of Beefeater gin are unmistakable, and it is now easily accessible throughout the world.

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