What is another word for Beforetime?

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Beforetime, also known as "formerly" or "previously," refers to a period of time that has passed. Synonyms for "beforetime" could include "erstwhile," meaning "formerly" or "in the past," or "antecedently," which refers to something that came before. Other options may include "formerly," "heretofore," or "once," which all suggest a time in the past. Some alternatives could include "at one time" or "previously mentioned," which indicate a time or concept that has already been discussed. Ultimately, using an appropriate synonym for "beforetime" depends on the context and intended meaning of the sentence.

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    Beforetime is a digital art and design studio based in Helsinki, Finland.

    The name Beforetime comes from the Finnish words "before" and "time", meaning "a time in the past".

    Beforetime was founded in 2010 by artist Marco Palmgren and designer Riitta Palmgren. The studio's mission is to explore and experiment with new ways of creating and presenting digital art.

    Some of their notable projects include the Nike LeBron 11 "Timeless", the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo campaign, and the redesign of the Finlandia bank site.

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