What is another word for beguiling?

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[ bɪɡˈa͡ɪlɪŋ], [ bɪɡˈa‍ɪlɪŋ], [ b_ɪ_ɡ_ˈaɪ_l_ɪ_ŋ]

Beguiling is a word used to describe something or someone that is charming, alluring, and captivating. If you are looking for synonyms for the word, you might consider using enticing, the term that refers to something that is tempting and attractive. Another synonym for beguiling is captivating, which describes how something can hold someone's attention and interest. Alluring is also a good option since it conjures up the idea of something or someone that is alluring or seductive. If you want to describe how something makes you feel, you might use words like enchanting or bewitching; both suggest how something can mesmerize and fascinate you.

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    Synonyms for Beguiling:

    How to use "Beguiling" in context?

    "beguiling" is a word that means "attracting with charm." Charm has a lot to do with personality, and can be seen in someone's eyes, voice, or gesture. It can also be in the way they dress or the things they say. Sometimes it's just the way they are. People can be beguiling in ways that are good or bad. Some people can be very persuasive. They can get you to do what they want, or to like them. Other people can be beguiling because they are friendly, but they have a hidden agenda.

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